Do you need automation solution for your Thermal power plant, Captive power plant, Process Plants & Effluent Treatment Plants in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad? If yes, then you are at the right place.

KS Valves & Pumps, India. can match your specific equipment or process with the best process controls and automation system for your application. Our process experience and knowledge combines with our intimate familiarity with the latest control and automation components and software.  We customize the solution to meet your exact requirements and needs. Whether you need to upgrade your present system to meet changing requirements, or need a fully automated control system for a new process application, we have the expertise in designing and building automation systems for customers worldwide.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of cost-effective automation for the following industries:


  • Turbine Automation
  • Boiler Automation
  • Process Plant Automation or Plant Automation
  • STP, ETP & WTP Automation
  • Fire Fighting system & Automation
  • HVAC System & Automation
  • HVPN System & Automation



  • Efficient use of raw materials & energy
  • Total economy of the plant & final products
  • Faster fault identification
  • Accurate monitoring of Process Parameters
  • Superior quality of end product
  • Increase in accuracy & repeatability
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower the unit cost of the final product
Our vast experience in automation and information management systems covers a wide array of intelligent solutions for different plant types


  • PLC/DCS based automation for Food Industries
  • DCS/PLC based automation for Thermal Power Plants
  • DCS/PLC Automation for Paper Plant
  • DCS/PLC Automation for Paper Recovery Plant
  • PLC based automation in Plywood Industries
  • DCS/PLC based automation for Captive Power Plants
  • DCS/PLC based automation for Distilleries Plant
  • PLC/DCS based automation for Chemical Plant
  • SCADA/DCS/PLC customize Automation for any Process Plant

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