Management & Marketing team

KSvalve has first-class management teams, who have many years working experience, strong background and practical experience in market development, management qualifications and professional technical.

Confronted with rapidly mercurial market environment, they have been learning, progressing, and keep indomitable along the way. That makes KSvalve be a leader, in research & design, production management, and marketing & after-sales service and other aspects of multiple industries. KSvalve consistently adhered to high quality and innovation. There is only one team at KSvalve, and you’re on it.

R & D team

KSvalve has a number of senior engineers and designers. A team of inheritance and innovation Formed by them. We (KSvalve) apply the latest engineering software such as Auto CAD, CF design and I-DEAS, and advanced three-dimensional modeling techniques.

In the design phase of a new product, KSvalve would adopt finite element analysis and fluid analysis techniques to verify reason ability and manufacture ability of the design.

We can design the valve according to the customers’ detailed technical parameters. Also, based on the working conditions,

we will recommend design selection to customers’ reference. Actively listening to customer needs and closely cooperating with customers, providing the most professional valve solutions are advantages of KSvalve.

Production & Technology team

KSvalve has experienced production team. NC and CNC machining centers are widely applied. Besides, KSvalve also adopts refined production and ERP systems management.

To ensure consistent quality and timely delivery, the work related all parts of valves are finished by internal staff and equipment of KSvalve.

We are strictly in accordance with the drawings from processing, assembly to testing. We check at all levels to control quality.